Visting Various Art Galleries By...Jeanetta Depace

Throughout working for SYEP my fellow co workers and I, got to visit a lot of local art galleries. just to name a few off the top of my head ASK, R&F paints , Dorsky etc.

All of them were really cool and interesting, I have never really been into art but looking at it and being exposed to it has got me wanting to become more invovled. I mean in my group home we have so many young artist.

One of my close friends Nick is a very talented artist! she inspires me to give it a try, but I will never be good haha, anyway as I was saying being exposed to art makes you want to be more artistic.

So I would encourage you all to go out , go look  at some art work and get your paint brushes. Who knows? you could be a hidden Vincent Van Gogh.